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Our Commitment

Our 3 P’S


We believe that a healthier world is made of happy people, so a part of our commitment is to take care of them.

We know that food is not only what we put on the plate, but also the way we feed our dreams, desires and aspirations. We want to inspire you to live a happy, authentic and memorable life.

In addition, we also share recipes, articles and tips to make your days deliciously healthier.

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Our products want to emphasise the message that what we eat has an impact, not only on our health but also in the Planet’s health. Because we want our impact to be as positive as possible, we have selected a delicious combination of natural ingredients to create products capable of inspiring you to live a balanced life.

We hold this commitment for all of our products:

  • 100% Vegan: We believe that a plant-based diet is good for you and the Planet.
  • Real Ingredients: We believe that the best has already been made by Nature, so if Nature didn’t provide it, we don’t use it – know more about our ingredients HERE.
  • Simplicity: We believe that healthy eating doesn’t have to be complicated, therefore we decided to create products that are practical and easy to prepare so that, even on busy days, you can feed yourself in the best way possible.
  • Does Good, Tastes Good: We are passionate about food alchemy and so we wanted to prove that healthy food can be really tasty.

We want to contribute to a paradigm of change and so we work with Nature and not against it; we give back what we receive, and a respect for Planet Earth is high on our priorities.

By placing products on the market, we are naturally having an environmental impact, both through the ingredients we import and the resources required for production and transportation.

From the choice of the ingredients to the packaging material, we prefer those that have the least impact on the environment. In addition, we work in partnership with Mossy Earth to be a Carbon Neutral company.

Why are we a Carbon Neutral Company?

Climatic change, caused by human actions, is having catastrophic social, environmental and economical impacts. This is a global problem and it’s everyone’s responsibility to contribute to its solution.
Calculation of our CO2 emissions takes into account the production, transportation and distribution of all raw materials.
With the help of Mossy Earth, we have created a model where we can compensate our unavoidable carbon emissions. With Mossy Earth we plant native trees in areas that have been destroyed by wildfires or illegal logging. This way, we are not only offsetting our carbon emissions, but we are helping to restore key ecosystems by attracting wildlife back to these areas.